Committees and representatives:

       Serve at the the pleasure of the Board of Directors.

Finance Committee
Rick Nye

ACMSC  (Architectural Control and Maintenance Standards Committee) 
Peaches Scearce, Chair     Kelley Kissiah                    Cheryl Nye                Bill Rees (alt)

Lease and Sales Review Committee
John Oblak, Chair               Bob Paolello                      

Pool Committee
Creighton Phillips, Chair    John Oblak   

Baycrest Voting  Representative
Karlene Dziesupek

Social Co
Miki Knoche                          Sheila Phillips             Robin Shepherd            Peg Wurzburg                   Barbara Taefi                       Sue Hammerman        Joan Geerlings

Julie Heggs                       Kathy Durney                       Marilyn Rees              Stephanie Coburn 

Tony Paolello

John Knoche -  

Bay Crest Homeowners Association, Inc.

25232 Galashields Circle, Bonita Springs, FL 34134-1964


Phone: +1.248 232 7907


Property/Association Managment
Gulf Breeze Management Service LLC                   (239) 498 3311
Aharon Weidner, Property Manager                       aharon.weidner@gulfbreezemanagement
8910 Terrene Court, Bonita Springs, FL          34134                                   


Board of Directors, email addresses & term expiration date - elected annually

Creighton Phillips, President                                 Feb. 2021
Paul Dickensheets, Vice President                                Feb. 2019
Toni Paolello, Secretary                                        Feb. 2020       
Anthony Palmerio, Treasurer                                    Feb. 2022
Dave Robb                                                                   Feb. 2022
Lynda Moryl                                                                         Feb. 2021

Tim Shepherd                                                         Feb. 2020